From mountainous regions to the west down to pristine coastline of golden sand beaches through terraced rice paddies, its millenary history and its unique heritage, “Vietnam has it all”. Vietnam is not only to be pictured with the images of the Mekong Delta with its arroyos, rice barges, fruit orchards. Vietnam’s images also often refer to colorful ethnic minority groups and the hustle and bustle of crowded cities. Vietnam has also several centuries of culinary delights at every street corner: pho, nems, banh xeo, bo bun. The food dominates a big part of the local culture, especially in Hanoi Old Quarter, where narrow streets and homes’ back courtyard are filled with all sorts of kitchens, restaurants and eateries. The impressive Halong Bay has become the most recognized landmark of the country. Vietnam’s rich craftsmanship is world renowned: think of the conical hats, the lacquer ware, the egg shell and nacre handicrafts, lace and embroidery.


Vietnam is certainly one step ahead of Laos in its economic development and this is reflected in the abundance of infrastructure already and being developed. International chains are battling to get their presence up there. To these, you can count an unlimited number of boutique properties that will create this “small is beautiful” feeling.


You will be amazed by the infinite choice available that will easily complement a journey to Laos: either playing the contrast or complementary cards, the choice is yours.


Private cooking classes at remote countryside homes, visits to ateliers of craftsmen, a cyclo ride for a transfer to a traditional performance, an exclusive cruise onboard a traditional junk in Halong Bay, clothes tailored to your measurements, shopping for antiques or golfing at some of the most exotic golf courses in Asia, it is all awaiting you in Vietnam.


From Laos, Hanoi is located less than one hour flight and is definitively the gateway to extended experiences.


Vietnam is an ideal combination with Laos, as it is fairly easy to connect daily on Lao Airlines and Vietnam Airlines as follows:


Luang Prabang – Hanoi

Vientiane – Hanoi

Vientiane – Ho Chi Minh City

Pakse – Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam Airlines have great connecting times following/before intercontinental flights and notably through Hanoi.


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