Self Drive

Yes sir, yes madam! Do not pay attention to old reading and articles in out dated guide books. Self-driving is possible in Laos!


Get your latest advice on how we can get this organized for you.


We will recommend you the right choice of vehicle depending on the group size, season of travel, type of driving experience searched for and duration of the trip.


We have come up with various itineraries and we propose to pre book accommodation for you along the way. You enjoy the driving and we recommend you what to do, where to stop, what to avoid, what to pay attention to, etc. All of that packed in our Road Book.


If you feel that a tour guide (physical person) can add some value to your time, we can also arrange that. Remember that some areas of Laos can be challenging when unforeseen circumstances force to manage some difficult situations. During the rainy season, in remote areas, roads can be flushed away, bridges down, etc.


In any case, with or without guide, you will be behind the wheel!


So, what are you waiting for?

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