Honeymooning? Marking an anniversary? Willing to propose in style in a “beyond the usual” holiday destination? Don’t look any further!


Despite not having white sandy beaches, there is definitely something out here for you! Keep the exotic beaches for the end of your trip, AFTER Laos. Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia will fulfill your need for seclusion and relaxation in style, the feet in the sea salted waters! Our travel counselors will share their insider’s knowledge on the most ideal combinations.


It is now time to focus on landlocked Laos. From a stopover in Luang Prabang to more touring options, here are a few highlights for your perusal.


For honeymooners, unspoiled and tranquil Laos is the perfect antidote to the hectic wedding preparations. These two adjectives define well this little visited country that without any doubt will astound you by the honest friendliness of its people.


Luang Prabang is magical and virtually untouched by the passing of time. The entire peninsula, at the convergence of the Nam Khan and Mekong Rivers is listed to the World Heritage by the UNESCO. Little has changed here over the centuries: open air fresh products markets are held daily and the monks keep collecting their daily food from the worshippers who kneel down in front of their homes waiting for the long lines of bare feet and orange-robed monks and novices to walk by in silence. Be charmed by the serene and peaceful atmosphere the spiritual capital of Laos inspires.


Inviting charming resorts and hotels will care of your well-being: you can indulge in a spa and massage treatment for couples. We’d also recommend you take a dip in the turquoise water ponds at the foot of tropical waterfalls: so refreshing and absolutely hilarious. Take a yoga and/or a meditation class and explore the inner you. Learn how to cook spicy and flavoring dishes to impress your friends and relatives back home. Embark on an elephant back safari, the sacred pachyderm that gave its name to the Laos of then – Lan Xang = country of a million elephants – or pedal to craftspeople villages and get acquainted with silk weaving techniques.


Whether you look for an active or tranquil holiday, Luang Prabang will certainly stretch beyond your expectations in either way.


Going beyond Luang Prabang, take a slow boat and enjoy cruising up or down the Mekong or one of its tributaries. Doing so in total privacy is a pure treat. The sceneries and diversity of (ethnic minority) people encountered along the way will leave memorable moments in your hearts and minds. Go at the pace of the flow and enjoy the silence.


Vientiane and Southern Laos are also nice if you have more time. Take the time to explore the countryside while staying at one of the charismatic boutique lodges.


And for an ultimate experience, we could put together and throw a traditional Buddhist (and animist) wedding ceremony just for the two of you. Dressed in classic Lao groom and bride costumes, respecting as close as possible the rituals of a wedding ending with the blessing of the host community. Without forgetting the following celebration that goes with it, naturally! In brief, a sincere and genuine Lao style wedding.


Laos is the ideal destination for those lovers in search of a slow paced, authentic, rewarding and stress free holiday, away from the usual.

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