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Laos Mood Travel‘s extensive and in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry enables us to cater for the needs of individuals or groups who might have some specific interest in the following themes. Note that you will not find lists of sample itineraries. Instead, you will find mere ideas and suggestions that may tease your appetite to embark on a journey to Laos. We invite you to document yourself on Laos and revert to us with a draft (or refined) sample itinerary you think would work and we will start working from it. Be as detailed as possible with your brief to us. This will greatly help us in better determine what suits you better.

If you did not find what you are looking for, we are very keen to hear from you with your detailed ideas. With Laos Mood Travel anything is possible as long as it is respectful of the Lao culture.

For those travelers who like to expand their horizons and immerse themselves in the culture of this country, make up your mind on your duration of travel and what you really want to see.

We are sure you did not expect that MICE was possible in Laos. Well, it is! We specialize in the organization of small meetings and small incentive trips of up to 150 persons.

Honeymooning? Marking an anniversary? Willing to propose in style in a “beyond the usual” holiday destination? Don’t look any further!

Laos’ fairly new openness to the world has protected Laos’ traditional lifestyle and culture which is today underlined as one of the prime reasons to come and visit the country.

If you fancy transportation by luxury cars or private helicopter or Cessna airplanes, that is no problem at all.

Follow your passion whether it be photography, archeology, cooking, art, UXo clearance, education, wildlife protection….

Choose your charity, get a group of people join you, start raising funds, we take care of the Challenge!

We believe in the principles of responsible traveling and we prefer operating groups that leave as little negative impact as possible.

We have children of varying ages and with different backgrounds and we have experienced firsthand holidaying in Laos with them.

You enjoy the driving and we recommend you what to do, where to stop, what to avoid, what to pay attention to, etc. All of that “packed” in our “Road Book”.

We understand the requirements of educational institutions, the aspirations of teachers, the interests of students and the concerns of parents.

For tastes in trekking, bicycling, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, zip lining, abseiling, rock climbing, caving, home stays, camping…

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