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Because you are a tour company having guests who like traveling in group, and because visiting Laos is what’s next in your plans, we would be delighted to assist you in creating memorable touring experiences for them. We know what it takes to handle a group and manage its dynamics.


The ideal group size to Laos is somewhere around 15 persons. If you want to push a bit, the destination is OK up to 40 people at once. Why not more?


Laos is a country that is better approached and enjoyed in small groups. We believe in the principles of responsible traveling and we prefer operating groups that leave as little negative impact as possible.


Laos is opening to the world and the infrastructures are not necessarily ready to welcome guests on a large scale. For instance, flying domestically, the airlines and aircrafts carry 55 to 70 passengers in average at once only. So, especially during the high tourist season (from October to March), it might occasionally be challenging to find availability on some dates. So, to avoid disappointment, we recommend you book a group tour as early as possible.


We are happy to recommend itineraries that explore Laos’ culture and landscapes. River cruises are particularly suitable for groups. From a stopover in Luang Prabang to longer touring options, Laos offers a large choice of opportunities from 5 to 15 days. Laos is rich in ethnic diversity, sceneries ranging from the fertile valleys of the Mekong to the rolling mountain chains and in culinary delights.


Get in touch with us to be advised the best routing and components that will blow the guests’ mind away.

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