Family Tours

We are travel professionals and parents at the same time! We have children of varying ages and with different backgrounds and we have experienced firsthand holidaying in Laos with them.


We have a deep understanding of what works with them. And likewise, what does not work. So, we feel confident in recommending options that will satisfy the interests of the parents and children alike.


Simply give us a some background information on your traveling party and we will be happy to suggest you what we believe will please everyone.


Here are a few random, but not limited, suggestions we might have for you:


  • Cooking class – so much fun to learn new skills and discover new flavors to impress friends and relatives back home
  • Silk dyeing – learn how to create your own colors out of natural ingredients and dye your own scarf
  • A Geocaching party – link venues and explore an area with the latest IT devices. A fun way to orientate around town.
  • A Book Donation Party – visit a primary school and get the chance to donate books to kids in need and where books are highly appreciated and valued. Join them for some traditional games that you will be able to show and share back home.
  • A gentle kayaking experience – paddle scenic river landscapes
  • Tree top explorer – zip line and pass monkey bridges 15 meters above the ground. Add to the experience with an overnight camping
  • Watch a movie at the COPE Center in Vientiane and learn more about the effects of unexploded ordnance (UXOs) on Lao people living in areas still scattered with thousands of these deadly or seriously dangerous weapons.
  • A Treasure Hunt – answer riddles, overtake challenges, complete tasks and be rewarded with an amazing final prize!
  • A petanque game – challenge the locals at their own game! Laos is the other country where this leisure activity is as adored as in France. Balling is fun and easy and when the sun starts setting, lao people gather at the petanque fields to cheer and share some good moments around a BeerLao and spicy papaya salad!
  • Home stay – live the life of minority people and feel acquainted to new cultures that will leave long lasting memories

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