China has a rich mix of dazzling colors, History, diverse traditions, stunning architecture and aromatic spices. Discover its many fascinating layers in unparalleled comfort.


Experience timeless landscapes into the country’s vast history and culture, accompanied by the best guides. At every step of your journey through China, expect a blend of service — whether cruising aboard a private cruiser or overnighting at one of the Himalaya’s exclusive tented camps.


Through your journey, travel in style to the country’s most renowned UNESCO listed sites with experimented guides and experts eager to show you “their own” China.


Throughout your journey, your will gain an insider’s perspective on the locations visited — whether you find yourself privately dining with the owners of a tea plantation in Yunnan or trekking in the Himalayan mountains with some Sherpa guides.


Travel beyond Chinese clichés to discover the most intriguing corners of the country, like for instance the Shangri La area. No matter where your trip takes you, glorious sights, sounds and cultures await for you.


From Laos, Southern China can be reached directly with Lao Airlines or China Eastern Airlines from Vientiane to Kunming or from Luang Prabang to Jinhong. Flying through Bangkok will definitively ease and increase your possibilities to reach different destinations in the country.


China and Laos represent a perfect combination for some themed trip focused on ethnic groups or to follow the ancient Tea and Horses Routes.

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