Charity challenges

Adventure-minded? Willing to push your limits?


Willing to run or bike for a cause?


Choose your charity/organization, get a group of people join you, start raising funds, we take care of the Challenge, right here in Laos, South East Asia!


Get your work colleagues, friends, sport team mates, relatives on board and embark on a fun, challenging and highly rewarding personal and group experience like no other.


Are you a corporation?


You want to:

* Propose once in a lifetime experience for employees?

* Increase company loyalty?

* Build your Team?

* Improved communication and interpersonal skills?

* Create PR opportunities?


2 options are possible: have your employees fundraise for their chosen cause, or raise funds corporately for the usual or enterprise’s charity of the year.


In order to take part, employees raise sponsorship funds – a portion of the funds cover the cost of the challenge and the rest goes to charity. Some companies match every dollar of funds raised. This halves the amount that employees need to raise to take part.


We master the logistics of expeditions and tour operations. Whether you choose to hike, bike, get involved in community projects or a combination of all that, we have spotted breath taking spots and identified projects that we will make you discover in all intimacy. When relevant, we work in collaboration with large, medium or small NGOs that have the local expertise required to maximize benefits to the communities and projects visited.


If you want to add some fund raising elements while on tour, that is also possible! We have come up with a bunch of ideas we would be delighted to share with you.


Get in touch with us, tell us more about your Charity/Cause, we will advise on what could work well matching your level of fitness and expectations, group profile + size, duration and season of travel.


Laos Mood Travel is committed to the principles of Responsible Traveling. Contact us to know more how we achieve this while we plan and operate our programs.


Be as much astounded by your own and group performances as by the beauty of Laos’ people and sceneries.

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