Central & Southern Laos

Southern Laos is reachable by plane through Savannakhet and Pakse international airports. Alternatively, how about crossing the country by private vehicle or VIP night bus?


The increasing success that Central and Southern Laos has enjoyed in recent years is due to the recent addition of quality accommodation and the provision of authentic experiences.


The central region is home of the largest limestone forest of Southeast Asia. Kayaking, over night camps, home stays, treks, night time animal spotting, CSR oriented activities: the region is clearly a prime choice for those actually looking for off the beaten paths experiences.


Beside the Boloven Plateau, famous for its coffee and tea plantations, the pre-Angkorian Vat Phou temple complex and the “4,000 islands”, Southern Laos will show you a world of opportunities for chilling out, meeting ethnic minority people in the most unexpected places surrounded by nature and a must for anybody wanting to discover “another facet” of the country.


Hidden sandy river side beaches, BBQs, cultural visits with experts, home stays, gentle bicycling on palm fringe lined tracks, and much more creative activities are to be found when contacting us.


Contact us for a lot more creative and detailed ideas on how to make the most of your time in the ancient royal capital of Laos.

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