Laos Mood Travel is an inbound travel agency incorporated in Laos. Based in Vientiane, the administrative, political and economic capital of Laos. It was founded on October 10th, 2010 (10/10/10) by a group of friends whose driving force was to express their creativity freely.

The company specializes in designing tailor-made trips. We provide expert advice to travel professionals such as tour operators or travel agencies, but also to direct customers. We counsel curious travelers. We create and quote programs. We market and run our tour packages to Laos and South East Asia.

Despite our relative youth as a company, the founders of Laos Mood Travel share with you their extensive knowledge of the tourism industry in Laos. Previously working for several market leading incoming travel agencies, they have developed an expertise in the assembly of experiential products that they are happy to share with travelers.

We have good relations in former Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) region, Thailand, Myanmar and China and it is with pleasure that we will recommend our partners to you. Laos fits perfectly into a regional combination with these countries which border it.

Laos Mood Travel aims to be recognized by travel professionals and its clients as a creative agency, with an eye for detail and driven by the notion of “product”, rather than price.

We are determined to open up new horizons for travel agencies and travelers who don’t expect so much diversity of themed trips and rewarding experiences in Laos.

Honesty – we make every effort to communicate correct information to our customers. We price our programs fairly for services that are truly what you are paying for. We give you sound advice: we prefer to work with well-informed visitors and clients so that expectations match reality when staying in Laos.

Sense of care – we work hard and give our maximum attention in everything we do. Such as designing new programs, briefing our guides, taking care of reservations and ensuring the smooth running of the logistics of your services during your stay, from your arrival until your departure. We have implemented a whole series of procedures that allow us to minimize the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Creativity – we keep abreast of potentially interesting new developments such as hotel openings or the addition of new activities and experiences. We test them ourselves before offering them to our customers. We are open-minded professionals with a great capacity for empathy and this allows us to share remarkable experiences that we will share with visitors with the same state of mind as us. We are constantly developing our offer. So, follow us and our news to keep yourself informed of the latest happenings!

Authenticity – we respect the culture and traditions of Laos. We suggest and encourage visitors to be curious about local people and sites visited. We make sure they do it in the most respectful way possible. We challenge general tour operators by offering innovative and enriching tourism and experiences that go well beyond “classic” tourist routes that are easy to set up and organize, without depth.

Responsible travel – The values ​​of the principle of responsible travel are important to us. This is why we strive to share with visitors a great deal of essential, practical and useful information before and during their stay. We encourage them to buy local, to behave well and to consume so that their stay can also benefit the people and the local communities.

Attention to detail – not fond of surprises ourselves, we strive to provide you with all the information you need to ensure that your trip runs in the best possible way, without the unexpected.

Professional ethics – we have excellent relationships with our partners and suppliers and pay them timely. We do all we can to develop close and lasting relationships with suppliers who excel in their fields. And we expect the same from our customers.

Our main purpose is to be able to design, market and operate trips with excellent value for money. For agents and visitors who look for authentic and memorable experiences. We find great satisfaction in showing visitors what the “real” Laos is. A diverse Laos as it is today and not a Laos from the distant past.

We see ourselves as a “family” inbound travel agency that offers personalized and detailed assistance to those wishing to visit Laos. To do this, we rely on attractive and visually enticing tailor-made programs.

For the French-speaking people out here, please enjoy our webinar, conducted with our partner Togezer.

Discover our Laos thanks to our Webinar (in French), hosted by Togezer!

Expert, up-to-date advice – our team of travel advisors have developed a careful understanding of the expectations of customers, especially Westerners. Nonetheless, they will ask you questions that will help them better identify your preferences and what you don’t want, past experiences, expectations, and more. All this with the sole objective of providing you with the best recommendations and better advice. We incorporate the right amount of inclusions into our programs to ensure your Laos travel experience is up to the level of freedom you need. Unlike what may be written in travel guides (including the most recent publications you are reading at the moment), we have access to live and verifiable information which we are very happy to share with you. We pride ourselves on bringing this value to our services by providing the most targeted and up-to-date information.

A network of contacts – we are pleased to open new horizons to our customers. These horizons which normally remain closed for people not in the know. Because traveling is also meeting the locals, we realize that it is not just the Laotians who make up the country. When visiting Laos and when it is relevant, we are the kind of people who don’t hesitate to introduce you to the expats who also “shape” Laos. There is a number of bright, senior graduates and experts in certain fields that you might be interested in. We boast a large portfolio of Laotian and expatriate contacts with whom we will be happy to put you in touch, for your sole enjoyment.

Personalized programs – no program looks the same. Because we spend precious time getting to know you, in order to better identify what suits you best. Unlike other operators, we do not engage in producing an Itinerary and quote it until we have ascertained your genuine interest in Laos and why doing it with us. We build this vital relationship to be confident before we start anything together. This relationship is the basis for the beginning of the correspondences that will ultimately lead to living the vacation of your dreams.

Value for money programs – unlike most agents, we don’t go the easy ways and don’t want to compete on price alone. We believe that we spend privileged moments with our guests, we do not cut the edges and do not endanger the quality of the services we offer. Being the cheapest is not our goal. If you were going to compare our programs with others, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Handpicked tour guides (merci de revoir la version française et de corriger ce libellé avec “tours guidés” pour “des guides touristiques”) – we are a small boutique operator and once we have a confirmation file, we go back to our short list of local tour guides and secure the right ones for you. The earlier you book, the better the chances of us guaranteeing you the best guides. In any case, we update our guides on your profile and your expectations so that they are better prepared to welcome you accordingly.

Meeting you in person – if we seemed to be in direct contact with you, you may want to meet us in person during your trip to Laos. We will do our best to do so. Because we think it’s always nice and more personal to put a name on a face. We love to bond with our guests/clients and would be happy to show up personally for an ice cream, a strong Lao coffee, a crisp BeerLao or anything new that we have tried recently and would like to share with you!

Little touches, big impressions – we love to be amazed by little touches from our loved ones. Likewise, we like to positively surprise our guests with little attentions and personal touches.

Laos Mood Travel looks forward to assisting you whether you are a tour operator, travel agent or even a direct customer.

If you too share our values ​​mentioned above and you care about what sets us apart from other travel operators, then contact us! And let’s see what we can do for you.

Remember: Our goal is not to design the cheapest programs on the market. We seek to provide you with products with the best quality / price ratio. If your motivations for this project are not serious and not human to human, please refrain from contacting us.




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